Storytelling is a medium through which we can integrate our experiences and make sense of our lives.  Through the sharing of our narratives, we are able to better understand each other and greater appreciate our strengths and diversity. With these ideals in mind, Bent Marble offers free and low-cost “Clackumentary” (creative documentary) workshops that foster cross-cultural understanding and friendship through empowering people to create their own digital stories with the resources they already possess, and share them with the world!

We welcome you to explore our site and find out more about what we do, where we do it, and how YOU can get involved as a workshop participant or member of the Bent Marble community. Let’s keep this marble rolling!

Featured Video

The Touching Story of a Blind Cebuano Musician

Our latest featured video was made as part of our creative documentary workshops with international adult students at QQ English language school in Cebu, Philippines. First-time filmmaker, Tetsuya Arimori from Japan, works back home as a camera assistant, but had never shot, directed, or edited a documentary before. Through our workshops, though, he took on all these roles with great success. And what he created was both cinematically beautiful and emotionally powerful! Already in Cebu learning the international language, English, Tetsuya took on the added challenge of documenting the life of Victor, an elderly and blind singer and guitar player, who speaks and sings in the local Cebuano dialect. Have a look and listen at this truly touching story: