My friend, Alina's, seminar class at Saint Petersburg State University of Film and Television.

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I’d like to thank my new friend, Alina Kozhevnikova, for inviting me to speak with her seminar class today at Saint Petersburg State University of Film and Television.  She did a masterful job translating, as her professor, class and I shared our thoughts on many topics related to studying and working in the field of film and video in Saint Petersburg and in New York.  And as I head into what I call my career 2.0, teaching creative documentary workshops internationally through Bent Marble, it was great to share some of my hard-earned lessons from career 1.0 as a freelancer in NYC.  It’s not easy making it in the film and video business, but the more we know, the better chance we have to make it work!

Notably, I was very impressed with the range of film projects that Alina and her classmates have been working on.  One is in post production, editing a documentary on a high school musical production of the Broadway hit, Rent.  Another has recently completed a documentary on groups of Harry Potter fanatics in Saint Petersburg, who dress up in Potter-esque attire and put on Harry Potter-themed events.  My friend, Alina, is working on multiple projects including a documentary on people with disabilities in Saint Petersburg.

Throughout all our discussion (which did at one point vere gently into political realms) it was clear that we had so much in common, in regards to our love of filmmaking, as well as our curiosity about and respect for each other.  I had gone into the classroom a little nervous, and left with added confidence that filmmaking and digital storytelling is the right venture to bring people of diverse backgrounds together.

Again I’d like to thank Alina as well as her professor and class, a new group of colleagues and friends.

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