Howdy, World!

One step forward, one step in.
The marble ‘neath my finger bends.
          I push it out into a roll..

It’s hard to believe that this venture began with a poem that began like that so, so many years ago.  Since then there’s been a lot of dreaming, perhaps a bit too much thinking and rethinking, and a lion’s share of waiting.  Although I learned once, from a good friend’s example, that sometimes the bestest ideas need a big bit of time to germinate:)

Sometimes when it’s hard to move both forward and inward, we need to move outward first.  With this in mind, I feel it was somehow important for me to leave my former and familiar surroundings in New York City to finally be able to get this Bent Marble rolling.  New environments can help us find or further develop strengths within ourselves, and to adapt and evolve as individuals.  They also push us to open our hearts and minds, reach out to the world, and make new connections and friends.

This idea of making friends in new places is the core, the seed, of the idea that Bent Marble has become.  And here in Saint Petersburg, Russia the idea has finally begun to grow!  We have a new logo finalized and new website under construction.  We are also tip-toeing into the world of social networks and invite you to join us there.  Perhaps most importantly we have our first Clackumentary (creative documentary) workshops beginning tomorrow with students from the English First language school here in Saint Petersburg.  We’ve been working hard, and have a lot to be thankful for.  The ball.. err marble.. is finally rolling!

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