Raining, Cats, and Dogs

Well for the last week it truly has been raining a lot here on Koh Samui.  But other than having to break out our ponchos and stay indoors a bit more than usual, we really haven’t minded.  “Why?”, you might ask.  Well, because we’ve been hard at work editing a video for our favorite nonprofit here on the island, the Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation.

While Bent Marble’s primary mission is to teach creative documentary workshops that foster cross-cultural understanding, we are also filmmakers ourselves, and look forward to those opportunities when we are able to use our cinematic skills to help like-minded organizations and friends.. be they two-legged or four:)

Have a look at the video we made, hot off the press, and posted on the YouTube channel of Brigitte Gomm, the organization’s founder.  Let us know what you think, or better yet head to their website www.samuidog.org and learn more about how you can lend a helping paw… err hand!

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