Still in Transit

After leaving Saint Petersburg, we have had quite a long journey ahead of us in order to get to our next location, Southern Thailand.. a three-and-a-half-day journey to be exact.  We travel as cheaply as possible, but this sometimes leads to getting flights with extremely long layovers in different cities.  This, however, can work to your advantage if you truly enjoy traveling and don’t mind being “in transit”.

Our first flight took us to Berlin, Germany, where we had a 13-hour layover, which we spent touring the city, highlighted by this equally beautiful and somber memorial to the victims of the Holocaust.


We caught a red-eye flight that night which took us to our next layover location, Abu Dhabi, where we also were for a day.  The monuments to both Islam and capitalism were impressive, but the heat was a sweltering 108°, with our chance to shower and sleep in a real bed still days away!


Our final flight (another red-eye) took us to Bangkok, Thailand, where we arrived early in the morning.  We headed straight to the southern bus terminal, only to find out that the bus heading to Koh Samui (our final destination) was an 11-hour night time journey, and we had a good 10 hours to kill.  Quite used to our never-ending state of being in transit by now, we happily toured the nearby area of this vibrant city until it was time to catch our bus.


Arriving at the port of Don Sak we were a short 1-hour ferry ride to the island of Koh Samui, where we caught a final 1-hour ride in the back of a pickup truck to our final destination.  And while we can breath a well-earned sigh of relief that we’ve finally arrived, the real work here begins very soon!


But with all this talk of being “in transit” it would be hard not to be reminded of my first Clackumentary, a world music-travel documentary, I did with my friend Abhi about a decade ago.  It resonates quite well with the mission and beliefs of Bent Marble, so if you have a minute to remain “in transit” with us, please watch.. and stay tuned!

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