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All Aboard!!

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Less than a week ago we launched a campaign on Facebook to increase awareness about Bent Marble. So far we’ve gained more than 4,500 new “Likes” for our organization’s page! It feels great to be getting the word out about who we are and what we do… and to be growing the Bent Marble community.

Now if you’re new to us, or don’t yet know exactly who we are or what we do, in short, Bent Marble’s mission is to teach people to make creative documentaries using the digital tools (cameras, smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.) they already possess, and then share their stories with the world! This is done through offering FREE documentary filmmaking workshops internationally, so that anyone, anywhere, regardless of their means, can take part and share a story. Our students, ranging from children to adults, mostly have had little or no previous experience with filmmaking. But they consistently impress us, and themselves, with the wonderful works they learn to produce in a relatively short period of time.

After the workshops, student films are posted on our YouTube channel, so the rest of the Bent Marble community (and the rest of the world) can watch, learn, comment, and share. If you’re curious to see some examples of what our past participants have created, come have a look for yourself at And if you like what you see, please subscribe to our channel.  For your convenience, we’ve even put together a playlist that highlights what our students have made in our multiple workshops to date:

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(Click here to visit Bent Marble on YouTube)

With our organization now six months old and with several successful workshops under our belt, we feel we’ve got our “travel legs” and our “teaching hats” on. So far we’ve taught in Russia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Along the way we’ve also partnered with some wonderful schools, English language institutes, universities, film programs, and nonprofits. And we’re eager to make more organizational connections as we continue on our way. If you are interested to learn more about the specific workshops and collaborations we’ve had so far, please peruse our blog at And to more visually illustrate how we’ve been busy, here’s a gallery of photos from our Facebook page that highlights our activities and partnerships to date:

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For our next six months, we have big plans as well. First and foremost we are eager to continue traveling and offering our FREE creative documentary workshops. Our next stop will be in India, where we are currently setting up organizational partnerships. We also seek to offer workshops in Thailand and the United States (back home for me) in the months to come.

“How can we afford to do all this?” you might ask. (And we are beginning to ask ourselves the same:) Because while we do our very best to keep our operational costs low at every step of the way, as we travel and teach, we do have some basic expenses to account for. For this reason we will soon be launching an online crowdfunding campaign to raise the fundamental funds we need to keep doing what we do. Stay tuned for more information.

Hopefully by now you’re wondering how YOU can further participate and contribute as a member of the Bent Marble family. Clearly one good way is to take a workshop and share a story. But there are other equally valuable ways to get involved. If, for instance, you know of a school, community center, or organization in your area that might be interested in hosting one of our creative documentary workshops, please don’t hesitate to put us in touch. Also if you are a digital media professional or teaching artist whose values resonate well with our mission, beliefs and educational philosophy, we would love to collaborate with you on workshops in your part of the world. Inquiries regarding any of this (or anything else for that matter) can be sent to

And while we clearly look to grow in the coming months and years, for the time being we are still a small organization with limited means, that won’t be able to offer workshops in every corner of the globe just yet. For this reason, perhaps the best way for you to get involved is as an active member of our online community, both on Facebook, as well as on YouTube. Give positive feedback and comments to the budding filmmakers whose works you have enjoyed on our YouTube channel. Share with us what you “Like”, as well as your thoughts, ideas, and questions on relevant topics on our Facebook page. And if you know other folks who might be interested in what we do, please tell them about Bent Marble, share with them these links, and invite them to join our community!

Again we can’t thank you enough for your support. We are so thrilled to have so many new friends traveling with us here, and we look forward to growing our creative community of friendship… together with you!

Looks like this ship is ready to set sail again around this big bent marble we call home. The ticket, as always, is free. And there’s room for everyone.

All aboard!!

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