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Primakara Premiere

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STMIK Primakara is a new information technology college in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Among IT institutions, it is quite unique for its focuses on global education, creativity, and student entrepreneurship. A couple weeks ago, we met with college president, I Putu Agus Swastika, who was very interested in Bent Marble and our workshops. Due to his students’ already busy schedule and workload, we decided to offer a custom weekend workshop in video editing, using Adobe Premiere Pro software.

The students were highly talented, and extremely motivated to learn the basics of this industry-standard program. In our Saturday session we covered various topics including cutting and arranging video clips into the film’s timeline, adding photos, music, and text, as well as basic effects, transitions, and sound mixing. As with all Bent Marble workshops, it was truly impressive how much our students were able to absorb in such a short period of time. Indeed one of our core beliefs is that digital filmmaking is much easier than most people think. And, best of all, our Primakara participants left the workshop feeling confident that they can continue to work in Adobe Premiere Pro, as they take on documentary and video projects for school assignments and of their own design.

Here are some photos from our Facebook page that show the participants focused on learning:

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Well tomorrow night we leave Bali to “premiere” our workshops in another faraway place… Bangalore, India! And while we’ll surely miss all the good people we’ve met and friends we’ve made in Indonesia and around Southeast Asia over the last several months, we are also eager and excited to experience the next chapter in Bent Marble’s story. With this in mind, in only seems appropriate to genuinely thank you for letting us share our story, thus far, with you. As storytelling teachers and professionals it truly means the world to us;)

Stay tuned!

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