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Happy Anniversary!!

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Well we made it! Twelve months! Four seasons! 365 and ¼ days! And what a busy and productive time it’s been. In the past year we’ve taught ten workshops on three continents and in two archipelagos. We’ve also given guest lectures and master classes at six schools and universities. Every step of the way we’ve partnered with wonderful local organizations (including English language institutes, universities, community centers for arts and education, film schools, and nonprofits) that have been critical to our success in the communities in which we’ve served. And most importantly, through our workshops we’ve inspired many, many new filmmakers, whose creativity, motivation, talent, and stories-shared have inspired us even more in return.

And our successes continue. Last week we ran another campaign on Facebook to increase awareness about Bent Marble. Through it we amazingly doubled our following, and now have more than 10,000 fans from around the world! This marks a significant milestone for our organization, and it feels wonderful to be getting the word out about who we are and what we do.

Now if you are among our more than 5,000 new Facebook fans, we would first like to offer you a warm, warm welcome to the Bent Marble community. And if you’re perhaps still a bit unclear on what exactly it is that we do, in a nutshell, Bent Marble teaches people to make their own documentaries, using the filmmaking tools (cameras, smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.) they already possess, and then share their stories with the world! This is done through offering FREE filmmaking workshops internationally, so that anyone, anywhere, regardless of their means, can take part and share a story. Our past participants have ranged in age from children to seniors, and typically have had no previous filmmaking experience. But they have consistently impressed us, and themselves, with the amazing works they learn to produce in a relatively short period of time.

After the workshops, participants’ films are posted on our YouTube channel,, so the rest of the Bent Marble community (and the rest of the world) can watch, learn, comment, and share. And we invite you to do so as well. For your convenience, we’ve also put together a selection of films that highlights the diversity of what our students have created during our first year of workshops. And if you like what you see, please support us by subscribing to our channel.

Bent Marble First Year Highlights

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(Click here to visit Bent Marble on YouTube)

And to further illustrate how we’ve been busy this past year, here’s a gallery of photos from our Facebook page that highlights our workshops, events, and students in action:

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As you may guess, we have big plans for our second year as well. First and foremost we are eager to continue traveling and offering our free workshops. Our next stops will be in North and South America, where we are currently setting up organizational partnerships. With this in mind, if any of you know of a school, community center, nonprofit, or other organization in the Americas that might be interested in hosting one of our documentary filmmaking workshops, we would love for you to put us in touch.

Secondly, as we continue to grow, we are also looking more than ever to find other media professionals and teaching artists, whose values resonate well with our mission, beliefs and educational philosophy, to become co-facilitators in our workshops. Indeed we have found that having a diversity of both local and foreign instructors adds greatly to our students’ experience. So if you know of, or are, such an individual, we encourage you to get in contact with us.

Inquiries regarding any of this can be sent to

And finally, we will soon be launching an online crowdfunding campaign to raise the fundamental funds we need to keep doing what we do into our second year of operation. Our first twelve months of travel and teaching was actually entirely self-funded. And as our own financial resources are now drying up, we need your support more than ever. So stay tuned and get your cyber wallets ready 😉

All in all, we can’t thank you enough for your interest, participation, and support over the last year, and are also so thrilled to have so many new friends traveling with us here. We look forward to growing our creative community of friendship, and sharing many more stories, together with you, in the year to come.

With so much to be thankful for, this is truly a happy, happy anniversary!!

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