Mission & Beliefs


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  • Inspire people to create their own, personally-voiced documentaries.
  • Help students share their stories with others, across cultural boundaries.
  • Encourage participants to feel a part of our international community of friends.



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  • Stories can communicate deep, personal meaning.
  • Everyone has stories to share, and has the need to both tell their stories and be heard.
  • Sharing our stories fosters understanding and friendship, and doing so cross-culturally fosters cross-cultural understanding and friendship.
  • Skills in digital technology are crucial to thrive in the world today.
  • The current abundance and relative low cost of digital tools and communication technologies provide us a unique opportunity to create and share our stories with others worldwide.
  • Creating a documentary is easier than most people think, and a whole lot of fun!


Educational Philosophy

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  • Encourage the sharing of impactful stories from our personal world of experience.
  • Use technological resources people and communities already possess.
  • Emphasize learning by doing, over learning by showing, over learning by telling.
  • Capitalize on the experience and expertise that already exists in each community and group of workshop participants.
  • Collaborate when possible to promote learning, economy of resources, teamwork, and friendship.
  • Encourage students to experiment with different forms of digital media and their combination.
  • Emphasize creativity and fun!


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