Clackumentaries are documentary shorts with a personal, creative, and often humorous twist. They typically involve a combination of media elements, including video, photos, original music, animation, and text. Unsurprisingly, the term was coined by Bent Marble’s founder, Steve Clack. Have a look here at some examples of Clackumentaries created by Steve over the years:


Mi Sangre

A documentary short about Mi Sangre, an elderly man who runs a humble shop near the football stadium in Medellín, Colombia.


A short documentary essay-on-safari about how travel shapes one's perceptions of world, other, and self. Filmed at Murchison Falls National Park,...


A good night at the kos-kosan (Indonesian apartment complex) with food and friends... none the least of whom is Mr. Foofie!

Koh Samui School Spirit

A promotional video we did for Koh Samui School, the largest public school on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand. This...

Samui Dog and Cat Rescue Update 2014

A summary of where we came from and where we are today. Video made by Steve Clack of Bent Marble Productions.

Hilarious NYC Electrician Speaks His Mind

NYC cameraman/director Steve Clack directed and I produced and edited this short subject. A labor of love really. Steve was working...

Peas & Carrots

“Peas & Carrots” is a documentary short about love and relationships as seen through the lens of life experience of filmmaker,...

Still in Transit

Two friends, one Indian and one American, embark on a songwriting world tour.. finding the band, and themselves, along the way....

Capoeira Volunteering - Managua, Nicaragua - Fabretto Children's Organization

After 32 yrs. of being in America, Toca returns to his birth place - Managua,Nicaragua - volunteering to teach Capoeira regional...

Pole Pole

A comic documentary short about Haji, a young man who works as a tour guide in Forodhani Gardens, Stone Town, Zanzibar.

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