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Happy Anniversary!!

   Well we made it! Twelve months! Four seasons! 365 and ¼ days! And what a busy and productive time it’s been. In the past year we’ve taught ten workshops on three continents and in two archipelagos. We’ve also given guest lectures and master classes at six schools and universities. Every step of the way […]

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Rules of Thirds

   The Rule of Thirds was one of the first principles I learned in graduate school in New York, in regards to composing shots for documentary camera work. According to The Rule of Thirds is a ‘rule of thumb’ or guideline which applies to the process of composing visual images such as designs, films, […]

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All Aboard!!

   Less than a week ago we launched a campaign on Facebook to increase awareness about Bent Marble. So far we’ve gained more than 4,500 new “Likes” for our organization’s page! It feels great to be getting the word out about who we are and what we do… and to be growing the Bent Marble […]

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Alex Kissa

Mother Russia… in Cebu

   When I arrived in Cebu City, Philippines I literally didn’t know anyone.  It was my first time in the country and I had no social, educational, or organizational contacts whatsoever. While I had a cheap hotel room for a couple of nights, I had no leads on finding an apartment for the duration of […]

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Back in Bali

   Well after a little lapse since our last workshops.. we’re back! And we’ve recently finished a very successful run at the Montessori Bali School with 10 through 13-year-old students in Bali, Indonesia. The participants’ previous filmmaking experience ranged from little, down to none at all. But what they created by the end of the […]

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Still in Transit

After leaving Saint Petersburg, we have had quite a long journey ahead of us in order to get to our next location, Southern Thailand.. a three-and-a-half-day journey to be exact.  We travel as cheaply as possible, but this sometimes leads to getting flights with extremely long layovers in different cities.  This, however, can work to […]

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