Bali, Indonesia – Sept. 2014


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Well after a little lapse since our last workshops.. we’re back! And we’ve recently finished a very successful run at the Montessori Bali School with 10 through 13-year-old students in Bali, Indonesia. The participants’ previous filmmaking experience ranged from little, down to none at all. But what they created by the end of the workshops was absolutely inspiring! Student films range from covering serious themes that bring a tear to your eye, to humorous moments and interviews that inspire another kind of tearing. We truly couldn’t be prouder!

Importantly, our success at Montessori Bali School could not have happened without the support of their amazing teachers and staff. In particular, Program Director, Kate Ludick, was hugely instrumental in getting our workshops started, integrated into the students’ schedule and curriculum, and keeping them running smoothly on a daily basis. And teacher, Tallis Hobbs, welcomed us with a spirit of friendship and solved our occasional technical problem as well.

Please check out some of the fine films that these students produced, and share a tear with us.. be it of compassion or joy!

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And here are some pics from our FaceBook page that show the participants hard at work.. and enjoying the fruits of their labor as well:

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We are currently offering workshops at two schools in Cebu, Philippines. Stay tuned for updates!

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