QQ English – Cebu, Philippines – Oct. 2014


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We recently had the opportunity to work with international students from QQ English language school in Cebu, Philippines. They hailed from various countries, including China, Japan, Taiwan, and Russia, but had a common strong desire to improve their skills in English, the “international language”. We felt that offering an extra-curricular activity, taught in English and that gave participants the opportunity to apply the new language skills they were learning in a creative way, was a worthy idea. And the students indeed did well, learned a lot, and had a fun time doing it.

Of note, this also marked the first time that we have worked with adult participants in our workshop programs… and what an informative and inspiring experience it was for us. The students showed an extremely high level of independence and discipline, both in using the technological tools, as well as in pursuing the particular themes of their projects. And while their experience levels ranged from total novice to actually having some experience as an assistant on video shoots, they were all first time documentary filmmakers, and really challenged themselves in their respective projects. It truly was a pleasure working with them.

Importantly, this wonderful experience could not have happened without the unwavering support, from start to finish, of QQ English staff member, Alex Kissa. He got us in the door (of their skyscraper office building), made and distributed advertisements for our workshops, facilitated every aspect of our stay in Cebu (from apartment hunting to meal hunting), and even participated in the workshops as co-facilitator, tech support, and participant. Thank you, thank you, Alex!

So now, without further ado, let’s check out some films…

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(Click here to visit Bent Marble on YouTube)

And here are some photos from our FaceBook page that show the participants in action:

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We are currently offering workshops at a second school in Cebu, Philippines, working with younger students, aged 8 through 12. Stay tuned for more filmic fun!

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